How to #SupportNepal Through World Food Programme USA

The powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 was the country’s worst in 80 years, causing unparalleled destruction and the loss of thousands of lives. While nothing can be done to change history, the actions we take now will go a long way toward the recovery process for the residents of Kathmandu and all communities that are impacted by the quake.


Early this week we announced that we will be donating an additional $25,000 to World Food Programme (WFP) through our partnership with Charity Miles. “WFP is working diligently to provide support in all areas, including communications, logistics and food assistance for the thousands who are injured and even more that are now homeless,” said Lifeway President and CEO and United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Council member Julie Smolyansky. “We’re committed to assisting their efforts in any capacity we can.”

WFP is operating out of the Relief Hub* in Kathmandu, facilitating the entire humanitarian community’s response to the disaster, including providing power and storage facilities, as well as transportation support for food, for relief teams and for humanitarian staff. They’re also:

  • Distributing food to survivors in areas that are difficult to reach and most extremely affected by the quake. Some of the food items include rice and fortified High Energy Biscuits – nutrient dense, high-calorie bars that are quick solutions to hunger during the early days of an emergency.
  • Working with local government agencies to streamline the relief efforts and make sure areas that are difficult to reach/greatly impacted receive immediate assistance
  • Loading supplies, including nets, blankets, health kits and water purification units, to be used by 11 partner agencies, including the World Health Organization, Catholic Relief Services, World Vision, Save the Children, Irish Aid, CARE, UNHRC, ADRA and the Italian Government.

The need is still great and there are many ways to give. Find out more by heading to

Visit for updates about WFP’s efforts in Nepal. World Food Program USA works to solve global hunger by raising U.S. support for WFP’s mission.

*The Relief Hub is part of WFP’s collaboration with the Nepalese government. It serves to help communities become more resilient and better prepared when emergencies strike.