Childhood Nutrition

Lifeway Kefir: Good for Childhood Nutrition

At Lifeway, we know that one of the greatest impacts an organization can make on the world is to do work that is good for the present and will positively affect the future. When we talk about the future, we specifically mean our environment and those who will inhabit the planet. We’ve discussed our commitment to global sustainability and […]

“This strange drink called kefir had changed us so dramatically”

Donna Schwenk’s youngest daughter Holly, was born seven-and-a-half weeks premature via emergency C-section. Her family was overjoyed, but because Holly was born so early, her immune system wasn’t fully developed. “She got colds, the flu, she wasn’t gaining weight,” Schwenk remembers. “I knew I had to do something to help our preemie.” After conducting some […]

Kefir for Kids

We’re always talking about the incredible health benefits of our kefir has for adults (not to mention how good it is), but it’s also great for kids! It’s true – kefir can (and should) be fed to your children (under the right circumstances, of course). After all, everyone appreciates a happy tummy, right? Though it’s […]